Pickups Wedding Dress

Pickups are a design feature on the skirt of a wedding dress where the fabric is ‘picked up’ and tacked, sometimes finished with an embellishment such as a bow or beading.

Pickups can create volume and drama in a skirt and Maggie Sottero’s natural-waist ‘Meredith’ wedding dress is a great example. The dress has cleverly been kept simple with a softly pleated bodice and unadorned cameo organza, meaning that the voluminous pickups in the skirt draw the eye and become the main design feature of the dress.

Designers are careful with the use of pickups on wedding gown skirts as this feature can run the risk of making a dress look too ‘poofy’ or cheap, depending on what sort of embellishments are used.

Allure Bridals have achieved the perfect balance of style and sophistication in a wedding dress with pickups on this strapless fitted taffeta gown; soft pickups give the skirt a natural cascading feel as they fall away from an elegantly pleated bodice that is accented with rich, shimmering Swarovski crystals around the sweetheart neckline.

Watters has also beautifully incorporated hand-gathered pickups on the skirt of its elegant A-line ‘Canella’ ball gown wedding dress - the pickups in the layers of washed silk organza give the skirt a sense of flowing movement and a lighter-than-air quality.

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