What details do you want your wedding dress to have?

If you know you’ve always wanted a wedding dress with a sparkly belt or lace applique, you can search by these details.


Some wedding dress details are decorative, whilst some are practical. Details such as embellishment, appliques, lace detailing and ruching are decorative and can really add to your dress. If you don’t want a super simple wedding dress, it’s definitely worth exploring wedding dresses with details. Other details are more practical, such as a corset back which can help to define the shape of the dress and allows you to easily make it looser or tighter, and details such as a bustle will allow you to fasten your dress out of the way whilst you’re dancing. An essential for brides who plan to wear a dress with a voluminous skirt or want to do lots of dancing on the big day. If you aren’t sure what details you want your dress to have, browse by neckline, fabric or shape.

  1. Applique Appliqué, from the French appliquer meaning ‘to apply’, is an ornamental decorative needlework technique used to create beautiful, intricate wedding dress embellishments.
  2. Asymmetric Asymmetric wedding dresses feature the key characteristic of a slanted hemline or uniquely diagonal tiering or draping, meaning that the two sides of the gown don’t match.
  3. Beading Beading is a fantastic way to add gorgeous intricate detail and texture to a wedding dress that is sure to catch the light - and your guests’ eyes.
  4. Corset Corset wedding dresses have been back on the wedding scene in a big way since 2018 - and we don’t meant the stiff Victorian undergarments of yesteryear.
  5. Embroidery Embroidered wedding dresses feature ornate hand or machine-stitched patterns and designs sewn directly onto dress fabric using different coloured threads.
  6. Key-hole Wedding dresses with a key-hole back are a great way to add the ‘wow’ factor if a low back or backless dress makes you feel too exposed.
  7. Low-back A low-back wedding dress, also known as open-back or backless wedding dresses, is a great way to make a bold statement with an illusion or plunging back detail.
  8. Pickups Pickups are a design feature on the skirt of a wedding dress where the fabric is ‘picked up’ and tacked, sometimes finished with an embellishment such as a bow or beading.
  9. Ruching Ruching describes a design feature on a wedding dress where fabric is gathered together or creatively pleated on two parallel sides to create attractive, rippling lines of gathering.
  10. Ruffles A big trend in 2018, ruffles are layered cascades of fabric on the skirt of a wedding dress that create volume, drama, movement and contrast in a variety of different fabrics.


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