Silk Wedding Dress

Luxurious silk is considered by many to be the ultimate wedding dress fabric. This strong, lustrous natural protein fibre is produced by silkworms and is a bridal luxury that can come with a price tag to match. However, silk and rayon blends are available to help keep costs down.

While smooth, soft silk is a traditional fabric that is steeped in history, its timelessness lends itself perfectly to modern wedding dress cuts and trends. It was the fabric of choice for Meghan Markle, whose sleek double-bonded silk cady dress flowed beautifully over an underskirt of triple silk organza.

Brides who have their heart set on silk but fear it may be outside their budget could consider a simple silk dress that uses less fabric fabric, instead of opting for a cheaper imitation ballgown style that runs the risk of looking cheap. This simple, sexy and sophisticated Martina Liana Moroccan silk sheath gown ticks all the right boxes - a dream gown for the beachy bride who wants to effortlessly show her curves in comfort.

Cherished Wedding Boutique has over 40 different silk wedding dresses available, including this Casablanca Bridals ‘Gloria’ gown that’s dripping in Hollywood glamour with an elaborately beaded T-strap that trails into a beaded illusion back and an elongating A-line skirt of rippling stretch silk.

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Satin is a type of weave made using filament fibres such as silk, nylon and polyester to create a fabric with a smooth, lustrous sheen that photographs well in any light.


Taffeta, from the Persian ‘tafta’ meaning ‘spun’ or ‘woven’, is a crisp, smooth silk derivative fabric made from a blend of silk and synthetic fibres that has seen a resurgence in popularity in wedding fashion in recent years.


The history and craftsmanship of premium lace arguably adds a certain romance to the gowns it features on.

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