Chiffon Wedding Dress

If a delicate, airy and feminine look best describes the wedding dress you’re looking for then chiffon may be the wedding dress fabric for you.

Chiffon can be made from synthetic fibres, such as nylon and polyester, or natural materials including cotton or silk. The fabric is woven in a criss-cross weave, which creates the slightly rough texture and stretch this sheer lightweight fabric is known for.

Silk chiffon is the most luxurious option as its high quality creates a soft texture while providing strength in the fabric. However, polyester chiffon is the most widely used thanks to its pliancy and lower price point.

Available in countless combinations of colours and styles, this sheer fabric is usually used for layering skirts, or is overlaid on a more substantial fabric as it drapes so well, as this Enzoani sweetheart lace and chiffon wedding gown perfectly depicts.

Chiffon wedding dresses are ethereal and flowing, giving brides a soft, romantic look that is ideal for summer weddings and beachy boho styles.

The floral printed Sottero and Midgeley ‘Kira’ chiffon wedding dress is a unique statement dress in an ultra-feminine design that lends itself perfectly to a country garden wedding, while this Justin Alexander chiffon wedding dress channels boho vibes with its gypsy skirts, Chantilly lace appliqués and daring low v-neck.

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Shantung is a plain weave raw silk fabric, popular in wedding dresses, that was historically first manufactured in the Shandong province of China from which the source raw silk originates.


Satin is a type of weave made using filament fibres such as silk, nylon and polyester to create a fabric with a smooth, lustrous sheen that photographs well in any light.


Taffeta, from the Persian ‘tafta’ meaning ‘spun’ or ‘woven’, is a crisp, smooth silk derivative fabric made from a blend of silk and synthetic fibres that has seen a resurgence in popularity in wedding fashion in recent years.

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