Charmeuse Wedding Dress

Charmeuse is a silky, smooth dress fabric in the same family as satin. While charmeuse has a similar sheen and drape thanks to being woven with a satin weave, it is slightly lighter and softer with a more toned down sheen. Charmeuse lends itself to formal and evening weddings but may be worth avoiding in extremely hot weather as it can show off sweat marks easily.

Charmeuse can be made from silk or a synthetic such as polyester, so it is worth checking the dress label or asking an assistant at your chosen boutique for further information. Silk charmeuse is the better quality option, offering a more soft and delicate finish, but it does come with a higher price tag. Cheaper polyester options don’t breathe as easily, although dresses made of this fabric can often withstand machine washing.

Due to its more delicate nature, charmeuse doesn’t hold shape as well as other fabrics, so it is most often used on slinky wedding gowns, such as this natural waist luxe charmeuse v-neckline gown by Justin Alexander, complemented by Art Deco beaded straps, a flutter bodice and fit-n-flare silhouette.

This fluid style makes charmeuse a useful fabric with which to line a wedding gown, so that its soft, silky texture sits against the skin. Casablanca Bridal’s Matt Guipure lace wedding gown demonstrates the use of charmeuse in this way to create a silky gown interior underneath a delicate all-over lace detail.

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