The style of fabric you pick for your wedding dress can say so much – will you go for sleek satin or classic lace?

Browse by wedding dress fabric to find the right dress for you.

The fabric your wedding dress is made from is a hugely important factor – it will affect the style of your dress and how it moves, as well as how heavy it is. Stiff fabrics like satin will create a timeless, more formal look, whereas loose, flowing materials like chiffon or tulle will have a more romantic, dreamy feel to them. Lace is a classic choice that will never ever go out of style – it’s a wedding dress fabric that lends itself more to vintage style wedding dresses, whilst fabrics such as organza are perfect for dramatic ruffles and details. If you aren’t sure what style of wedding dress fabric you want, you can browse by wedding dress shape, details or neckline.


  1. Charmeuse Charmeuse is a silky, smooth dress fabric in the same family as satin. While charmeuse has a similar sheen and drape thanks to being woven with a satin weave, it is slightly lighter and softer with a more toned down sheen.
  2. Chiffon If a delicate, airy and feminine look best describes the wedding dress you’re looking for then chiffon may be the wedding dress fabric for you.
  3. Crepe Crepe wedding dresses are made from a soft silk or lightweight rayon material that clings to the body to enhance your curves.
  4. Dupioni Dupioni, also known as Silk Douppioni or Silk Dupion, is the most popular silk blend used for wedding dresses that is sometimes referred to as raw silk.
  5. Lace The history and craftsmanship of premium lace arguably adds a certain romance to the gowns it features on.
  6. Mikado Sophisticated Mikado wedding dresses are made from an expensive blend of silk and nylon, which offers a smooth finish that has a slight grain in the texture.
  7. Organza Organza is a sheer, lightweight woven fabric that is often used in layers or as a top layer on wedding dresses to add a soft, romantic outline.
  8. Satin Satin is a type of weave made using filament fibres such as silk, nylon and polyester to create a fabric with a smooth, lustrous sheen that photographs well in any light.
  9. Shantung Shantung is a plain weave raw silk fabric, popular in wedding dresses, that was historically first manufactured in the Shandong province of China from which the source raw silk originates.
  10. Silk This strong, lustrous natural protein fibre is produced by silkworms and is a bridal luxury that can come with a price tag to match.
  11. Taffeta Taffeta, from the Persian ‘tafta’ meaning ‘spun’ or ‘woven’, is a crisp, smooth silk derivative fabric made from a blend of silk and synthetic fibres that has seen a resurgence in popularity in wedding fashion in recent years.
  12. Tulle Tulle is a sheer material with an open weave that gives a netted appearance and light feel.

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