Most brides-to-be will try a multitude of wedding dresses before finding that perfect gown that makes them feel especially beautiful on their big day. Make your journey to finding your dream wedding dress that little bit easier and check out these simple tips and tricks to find a wedding dress to suit your body shape.

If you already know what dress type suits you best, check out these elegant wedding dresses for that sophisticated and flattering look on your big day.

Wedding Dresses that Look Great on the Hour Glass Body Shape

Do you have curvaceous hips and bust, with a small waistline? If the answer’s yes, then you most likely have an hour glass body shape and the following dress features would look great on you:

  1. 1. A fitted design to show off your curves. Check out Pronovias' stunning fitted wedding dresses in this video of their runaway show.
  2. 2. A sweetheart neckline to elegantly emphasise your assets as well as keeping your bust balanced with your hips.
  3. 3. A waist belt or some embellishments around the waistline to enhance your curves.

The following wedding dresses look incredible on an hour glass bride:

Wedding dress for hour glass body shapeEllis Bridals

Wedding dress for hour glass body shape Morilee

Wedding dress for hour glass body shapeValentini Spose

Wedding Dresses to Suit the ‘Pear’ Shaped Bride

‘Pear’ shaped women have narrow shoulders but wider hips, thighs and bum. If that sounds like you then follow these simple steps to be on your way to finding your dream wedding dress.

  1. 1. An A-line wedding dress will look most flattering on you as it skims over larger hips and bum.
  2. 2. A waist detail to draw away from the larger bottom half.
  3. 3. Go strapless! No straps tends to look great on narrow shoulders.

Our top picks for the ‘pear’ shaped bride…

Wedding dress for pear shape body type


Wedding dress for pear shaped body typeSassi Holford

Wedding dress for pear shaped bodyValentini Spose

Wedding Dresses for the ‘Apple’ Shaped Bride

Do you have slim legs, a fuller bust and struggle to shift weight from your tummy? If so, then check out the following tips to get that elegant bridal look.

  1. 1. Try a shorter wedding dress to show off your legs.
  2. 2. Look great in a v- or sweetheart neckline.

Check our top picks that will look stunning on the ‘Apple’ shaped bride:

Alan Hannah

Valentini Spose

Wedding Dresses for the ‘Inverted Triangle’ Body Shape

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, then you might have an inverted triangle body shape. In which case, try the following…

  1. 1. A v-neck wedding dress with thick straps or sleeves are great for women with an ‘inverted triangle’ body shape. Pinterest's 2018 bridal trend report says sleeves are totally in!
  2. 2. Opt for lots of details/patterns to avert the eyes away from the broader upper body.

The following dresses are ideal for your body shape:

Brian Chen

Eliza Jane Howell

Wedding Dresses to Suit an ‘Athletic’ Body Shape

Women with a more athletic build tend to have a slim figure with less curves; if this is you then keep reading…

  1. 1. You’re spoilt for choice as you can pull off fuller and slim-line wedding dresses.
  2. 2. If it’s curves you’re after then think about going for a more structured bodice, full skirt and a waist belt.
  3. 3. To give the illusion of a fuller bust, try a sweetheart neckline.

If you’re an athletic bride, try the following looks:

Brian Chen

Eternity Bridal

Ronald Joyce

Now you know what style of wedding dress best suits you, show some personality with these funky feathered wedding dresses.


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