If you've been wedding dress shopping for a little while, you might have seen boutiques advertising designer weekends, but chances are you might not know what a designer weekend actually is.

We’re here to explain exactly what it is, what to expect and why you need to go to one.


What is a Designer Weekend?

At a designer weekend, bridal brands lend the whole of their latest collection to boutiques. The collection won’t be in stock for another six months generally, so it’s a special preview for brides-to-be.

For boutiques, it’s a chance to hold an extra special event, as Sara Jones of The Bridal Lounge in Cheshire points out: “We normally do extra catering and have a cake maker on hand with some tasty treats. We also have a hair and make up artist to be on hand so before a bride is feeling extra special and glam.”

When Do Designer Weekends Take Place?

Different designers do different things; The Bridal Lounge hosts them twice a year for each of the brands she stocks.

Why Should Brides Attend Designer Weekends?

It’s an amazing chance to be among the first to preview the whole collection from a brand. It’s rare that a bridal boutique will stock every single wedding dress from a brand, but a designer weekend gives you a chance to see them all in all their glory.

“There can sometime be little extras given at these events like a goody back or even some discount,” adds Sara.

Why do Boutiques Hold Designer Weekends?

Designer weekends can help inform boutiques on the gowns that will be most popular, so when it comes to ordering the dresses in, they know which ones to go for.

It also helps build up a rapport with brides, allowing boutiques get to know their clients better.

How to Find Out About Designer Weekends

Boutiques often advertise upcoming designers weekends in store, or on their social media – keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram pages so you know when the next one is.

You may need to make an appointment, as designer weekends have an exclusive feel, so keep this in mind when you hear about upcoming events.


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