Pinterest reported on the top 2018 bridal trends, and we love the results.

Pinterest’s new bridal trend report includes everything you need to know about wedding trends for 2018 so far, including trending bridal gowns, engagement rings, bridal hair and beauty, and food for your big day.

Comfort is Key

So far, Pinterest has deduced that comfort is absolutely key this year, as more and more brides are choosing jumpsuits and flats over the classic choice of floor-length gown and heels. Apparently, being comfortable enough to enjoy the first dance (and then boogie along to the second, third, fourth and fifth…) is of utmost importance among modern brides.

All About that Coverage

Brides are also favouring extra coverage on their wedding days’, leading to an increased interest in high necklines and toppers. Hazaar of London offers lace tops brides can wear over their chosen gown, allowing them to mix up their look throughout the day alongside fitting with 2018 trends and desires. Alternatively, Sun Yu Hong offer gowns with high necks and grandiose sleeves, for the edgy bride looking for coverage on her big day.

Pop of Colour

The trend report also notes a rise in the number of brides moving away from the traditional white gowns as increasing numbers favour champagne and rose coloured dresses instead. Katya Katya’s lace gowns are worn with slips which are available in a variety of colours: from ivory and white to rich reds and bottle green. These Katya Katya slips allow brides to show personality as they can choose between an array of boho and traditional lace gowns whilst adding a coloured slip for that much desired pop of colour.

A Personal Touch

Adding that personal touch and showing personality, be it with a pop of colour, or an alternative gown, seems to be the trending throughout all things bridal year. The personal meets the traditional as partners are embellishing their spouses’ shoes with hand written loving messages on their soles’. This adorable and subtle touch is a new take on a traditional trend, as a sixpence in her shoe (alongside something old, new, borrowed and blue), is said to bring the bride good luck. Fitting with this trend, all Charlotte Mills shoes are engraved with this traditional rhyme: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Dabbling with Tweed

The desire to display individuality on your wedding day extends into groomswear also as 2018 sees increasing numbers of men bucking the formalities and opting for tweed suits.

"I do" to the updo

Now for bridal accessories, hair and beauty. Pinterest reports a whopping increase in moissanite gems, art deco inspired styles, and those with oval stones. Meanwhile, messy buns take centre stage with the most impressive stat yet, as Pinterest have seen a 1247% increase in brides saying “I do” to the updo. Makeup trends are leaning toward the au natural look, as glossy lips and subtle makeup is favoured.

And Most Importantly: Food

Finally, with a year on year rise in veganism, it’s no surprise to see this ideology extend into weddings as more couples are having full vegan catering on their big days. Perhaps a harder trend to explain: pizza and pretzel bars are on the rise, with a +343% increase in the number of couples opting for an entire bar to demonstrate to their guests that they’ve tied the knot.



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